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DIMENSIONS: Astrolabe encompassing with the Lim
Size: 28 Cm Dimensions Cross the An engraved Crown.
5- Brass Plates, Size: 15 Cm Dimension Cross.
Alidade & Sight Ruler : Size: 16/5 Cm Cross.
The Horse center clip holder Size: 4 Cm

The throne is elegantly decorated à jour. Flowers decorate the scales and available space all over the ecliptic ring fitted with the band and lozenges formed turquoise stones and the interwoven floral are fitted fronds studs, the rete, as the back and front of edges of mater all Kufic engraved alphabetically,The mater is engraved with aall over the ecliptic ring on with the lozenges formed turquoise stones on gazetteer for 34 localities (bilâd), with their longitude (tûl), latitude ('ard) and local direction of Mecca called qibla(inhirâf). This information is a small subset of a large corpus of geographical data for some 250 localities that was in circulation amongst the astronomers in northern Mesopotamia Southern and Eastern Anatolia, from the 1165 successive into the primary city of Mosul was under the Turkmen federation of the Ağ Qoyunlu, but in 1508 it was conquered by the Safavid dynasty of persia,onwards. There were two versions, one in which the qibla directions are very accurately computed, and another, the one used here, in which the qiblas do not always correspond to the geographical data. The information presented here contains numerous additional errors (it may be compared with the more sensible data on the splendid astrolabe of Shah Husayn - see Gunther, Astrolabes, introduction, pp. 24-26, and King, World-Maps, passim)

PROVENANCE: European Collections

CERTIFICATE: Comes with a certificate from the Art Loss Register.

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