Terms & Conditions

1 - Why should you sell your property at Hatefi Collections the following:

  • Excellent client service
  • Unrivalled experience in the international art market.

2 - Please Note: All buyers has to make an enquiry for the exact sizes & full conditions report of all items in advance before the actual Purchase in which it will be clarified by Hatefi Collections via email.

3 - Prospective buyers should satisfy Themselves by inspection as to the condition of each items Or an item.

4 - Condition report can,however,be Provided on request ,but are for general guidance Only and any such report is,of necessity Subjective.

5 - The Hatefi Collections, is a fourth generation family owned and operated business, founded in Middle-East over 85 years ago.

6 - Condition is not stated in All Images the absence of such reference dose not imply that the item is in good condition or free from faults.

The Gallery is a purveyor of Islamic quality art specializing in Classical antiquities, Near Eastern, Biblical,

Our clientele is varied, including museums, corporations, private collectors and investors from all over the world.

For the past 85 years,The Hatefi Collections Family has been fortunate to have assisted in the formation of some of the most important art collections in the world.

The Hatefi Collection, attests not only to the timeless beauty and elegance of ancient artist but also to the seemingly limitless diversity and multiplicity of form and subject inherent in the world.

Strictly By Appointment Only.